Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time to start this blog properly!

I'm going to start this with the kind of craft work I like doing. I love to work with my hands mostly, even though I work in an office at the present. Give me a piece of wood to play with and a very,very long time can pass before I lift my head from it!

I do mostly pyrography work, but I do delve from time to time in carvings, as can be seen on my website: I also work in antler and bone, preferably pieces that have been shed naturally or found outdoor.

I'm not sure I can truly explain it, but it feels like I am in another world once I focus on a project I work on... Nothing else seems important...ok I'm lying... food is necessary and so is drinking fluids. And the effect is enhanced when I listen to some music while working.

Right now I am working on a box with a beautiful design I will post here once I have completed it. The project has so many different shades in it I have to keep changing the area I work on so I don't do too much of one color/shade at once! It is a very nice challenge, one I love taking with more ambitious projects all the time. Perfection comes with practice, right? *big grin*

An extremely good friend of mine lent me his pyrography machine so I could finish a few projects faster then usual; up until now, I was using a soldering iron-like pen to do all the work you see on my website... yes, I know... I have LOADS of patience to have done those thing that way! Just look at my current profile picture for an example =).


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