Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What have I been up to lately

I know I am not posting very often but I am looking into that slowly so bear with me please gentle readers of lovers of crafts…

This time I’d like to show you something I should have started to make a long time ago; smaller sized boxes that are easy to store. How many times have you looked for a small container to store paper clips, tacks, loose incense or even your favorite jewelry? These smaller boxes fit the need perfectly!

With enough surface area on the lid to put almost any picture and a band thick enough on the side to put a Personal name or ingredient name, they are very easy to customize. The realization came when I was looking for a practical container to store the tips for my wood burning machine; they are many, very small and very sharp. The original container was a small see through plastic thing that I kept losing even though it was right in front of my eyes all the time.

Before I lost my sanity every time I wanted to change a tip, I bought a few of these boxes and tried to keep various parts in them to see how it would go for me… And lo and be hold! I can now locate all the parts I have put in those boxes without having to second guess or use my non-existant x-ray vision. *smile*

I am planning to get a few more to store my loose spices (salt, ground pepper, mixed herbs, etc…) in for when we go camping this summer. I will have another one or two at my day job to keep my tacks in and rubber bands. I have a few more ideas I will try out (once I have the time to do so!) and will post the results of those experiments once they are completed...

Until next I post!