Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I love Wednesdays...

Hello again!


Ok, some folks who know me will go "What in Hel?" and wonder if I lost my sanity...don't worry folks... I lost it many eons ago!

I love Wednesday for quite a few reasons actually. One main one is because I know I have done half the week at work. I know, I know... Hump day is like a boost of energy when I hit lunch at work. But the main reason is it is Comic day for me. Anyone in America who collected comics will get the reference. Except that instead of buying comics, I read them online!

The main one I focus on is titled Girl Genius, by Studio Foglio. I met Kaja and Phil Foglio a long time ago when I was still playing Magic the Gathering trading card game. I was in the USA for a convention and learned they were signing cards for one day. I had a nice chat with the pair of them and followed their work over the years until I stumbled on Girl Genius. It is a story that is in the Steampunk style, similar I find to a cross between Jules Verne and many a sci-fi movie. It's got it all; action, romance, weird concepts... Go read it!

Another one I like reading is Sinfest, created by Tatsuya Ishida. Just to give you an idea of what the cast is like; God, the Devil, a pig, an angel worshiping God, a devil worshiper, and a self centered (little) man and a girl who thinks very highly of herself. There are a few other characters that pop in from time to time, Buddha included! It makes me giggle a lot...

Another one I read is called Sorcery 101. It is not as flashy but it keeps me coming back. Vampires, werewolves, magic... Need I say more? The plot is good and took a few turns I was not expecting... So reading it, I keep doing!

The next one in line is PVPOnline. Picture a group of gamers working for a gaming review magazine... Oh and add wacky personalities in the mix and you have a winner! Scott Kurtz has a way to keep surprising me in a comic. A really good one for gamers this one!

Yet another one I follow is called Brat-Halla... Yes I have the title right! Inspired from the Norse pantheon, picture the gods as...Kids! This one makes me go through a whole range of feelings, from laughter to extreme sadness. Some chapters are really funny!

Being a gamer at heart, I could not pass Goblins up. For all players of D&D out there, picture goblins but... Gaining levels! The characters have depth and are well constructed and the story is great.

These are the one I read regularly, there are a few more I read on a monthly basis when I don't feel like doing anything constructive in wood or antler.

I hope I get you addicted to at least one of the above comics and enjoy your day!


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