Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boy scouts in UK are being robbed of good values...

Wow it's been a long time since I blogged!

And I am sorry I have not blogged more recently but things are very busy in the way of crafting new things! So thank you to all my patrons for asking me to do those wonderful projects!

Now on to the real reason I decided to blog tonight: Something awfully wrong happened in the UK: They lost some of their common sense!

The boy scouts over the pond are now being told: Stop carrying your trusted boy scout knife!

Now I admit freely I was never a boy scout. But... I learned to hunt, fish, trap, hike, canoe, etc... And one golden rule I was taught was this: Carry a knife in case you might need it. Keep it sharp, keep it clean and keep it accessible in your pack or belt case.

In all my years when I went alone in the outdoors, I used a knife for my own needs quite a few times. Now I can say with absolute truth that I used whatever knife I had on me at the time for others more then for myself. A tough cord need cut. A screw needed tightening. A stake needed sharpening to plant it in the ground. A fish needed cleaning. Name it, I most likely done it with one of my knives.

Now I'm thinking that instead of instilling the usefulness of such a tool, that decision they made about scout knives will make things worse. Yes they have knives aplenty in that country. I must admit I have seen any abuse from them,but yes I can see them used to mean ends. I'm thinking it is a certain lack of teaching the value of a knife instead of making it more and more taboo. While I lived in UK, I heard stories of people being asked to put out of sight their knives whilst hiking or teaching bushcraft. How daft is that I ask you?

I always carry a knife on my person, be it a multi-tool or a regular pocket knife. My knife allowed me to help someone fix their bike a little while back. The person was impressed a bit by what my knife could do for them so they started to ask me where I got mine and what kind would be suitable to carry around. This is the one I carry around more often then not. Small, compact and useful, exactly what a knife should be.

I really irritates me to see this reaction about scout knives. Extremely so. All those boy scouts will now be shown and given a knife as a mark of their advancement but will never "be ready" to face any possible situation. As the article writer mentions, those boys are now being put in a bubble and over protected... Not good for any society I say...

I leave you to think on this and wish you a good life with a sharp knife in your pocket, ready for anything...



  1. Sadly I understand we bellydancers are also being deprived of our dancing swords. I feel your pain!

  2. This was misreported in the media. Suffice to say, Scouts are still taught how to use knives. Nice post though.