Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Festival come and gone...

Hello Dear Readers!

Another Kaleidoscope Gathering has come and gone and this means I have work, in the form of commissions, to do from talking to wonderful people that were present at the event. This year was different in a few ways:

1- Me and Wifey were able to rent a van to go to the event. The van was much needed as the quantity of things to bring was not small; vending tent, kitchen tent and of course sleeping tent, food supplies and kitchen implements, etc...

2- We were camping right behind our vending tent, which meant we saved ourselves the long and arduous packing of the stock at night and reinstalling everything in the morning right after breakfast. That one in itself was the biggest blessing of vending this year!

3- There were a lot of shaded areas, to my great delight. There was a great area filled with great pine trees which provided cool shade all day long.

4- Our new vending tent was put to the test and passed admirably. The only thing I will modify on it will be to add zippers to the back screen so as to be able to have a good airflow.

5- It was sunny until the very last day. No rain meant people moving about during the day. We managed to pack almost everything before it rained lightly on us.

6- People loved that I could make on the spot commissions, thanks to a very good friend of mine who gave me his pen torch which came with attachments. i was not willing to bring my wood burning machine and I had borrowed the pen torch as a trail this year. The pen torch will certainly make a comeback next year!

7- There was an interest this year for lower priced items. The economy being what it is this year, I had the forethought to prepare more of the smaller items like earrings, round boxes and kitchen utensils. This was very appreciated by all, especially with the introduction of signs with well known pagan quotes like "Witches are crafty people", "Pagan and Proud" and "Have you runed your day yet?". These signs were a great success and the positive feedback means I will produce more of them in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Now that all the camping and vending gear is put away, that my memories are filled again for another year of festing, I slowly make my way back to my workbench to clean it up and work on those commissions...

Until next!


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